Golden Corral at Monkey Junction, Wilmington, NC

What can I say, It's Golden Corral. The food for in most case's was OK, nothing to complain about. It is buffet so you do have to watch what you get. The Fried chicken was very good, not greasy nor under or over cooked. The spaghetti was better than most so called Italian restaurants in the area will serve you. Our waitress was very attentive but not hovering over us, just there when you needed something.

Our overall Score: 6.2 out of 10

YES! I would recommend the Golden Corral at Monkey Junction, Wilmington, NC.


La Costa on Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC

La Costa on Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC

If you like Mexican food you'll love La Costa. I could recommend any of the 4 La Costa's in the area, but the one on Oleander Drive is the best of the 4.
Always clean and excellent service, they just surpass most restaurants in the area. Maybe that is the reason they have been here the longest and has grown from one to four restaurants in the past 12 years and locally owned moving from Washington state in the mid 90's and opening their first restaurant on Market Street.

Service could not be better and is always with a smile and willing to fix your order to your taste.

Our overall Score: 10+ out of 10

YES! I would HIGHLY recommend the La Costa on Oleander Drive in Wilmington, NC.

Harbor Master / Carolina Beach

Harbor Master at Carolina Beach, NC

There are Restaurants that have bars and Bars that have restaurants, this seams to be the latter. Our hostess took us straight to the bar section of the restaurant and we were set at a table next to the bar. After about a 5 minute wait our waiter came over to get our drink order. He was dressed as though he had just come off the boardwalk. After sometime he came back with our drinks and took our order which included Teriyaki it was covered up by the Texas Pete. 45 Minutes later our meal of 6 fried oysters, 6 medium size shrimp,8 large scallops and 1 large crab cake over a bed of French Fries. If the crab cake had any more bread in it they would have had to sell it by the loaf and I dare you to find more than a pepper speck of crab. In fact the crab is probably still in the water and has not even missed the meat. To get a refill on our drinks we both had to request twice. For a weekday night with the restaurant 2/3s empty we were unhappy with our experience to say the least. The food was Good other than the crab cake but we probably will not go back in the near future.

Our overall Score: 4.7 out of 10

NO! I would not recommend the Harbor Master at Carolina Beach.