Arnold's Family Restaurant
8500 Richlands Highway
Highway 24
Richlands, NC 28574
(910) 324-3278

We were passing through Richlands yesterday and stopped at Arnold's for lunch. The staff is super friendly and the food is just plain good. I personally love their Country Style Steak with turnips. Their sweet tea is delicious real Southern style sweet tea. The food is tasty and you can't beat their prices. Its not a fancy place, just somewhere great to stop in when you want a quick bite to eat and the food is served cafeteria style. If you are looking for take out they have drive thru as well.  It was as close to home cooking as you are going to find outside of grandma's kitchen. Next time you are in Jacksonville, NC take Highway 24 over to Richlands, it's a short drive and 4 lane all the way. You will be glad you did.

Ezzell's Breakfast House

Ezzell's Breakfast House
2115 Carolina Beach Rd
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 763-7179

Ezzell's has been around Wilmington for years and has built up a regular clientele. My visit the other morning gave me quite a surprise. The service was less than professional and food was average, mainly being made to feel that my business was really needed all that much. Up to this point I would have probably given them another try if I was hungry and in the area figuring maybe I caught them on a bad day. We all have those. Then the unforgivable happened. At the next table two ladies had eaten their Breakfast and were on maybe the 2nd cup of coffee when a waitress, not theirs, asked them to leave, telling them that is was close to time for the lunch crowd. Now the place was half empty at this point so there was no lack of tables. Talking to one of them outside I found out this was their first visit and would be their last. So add me and they lost 3 future customers that morning. This is the unforgivable.


Okami Japanese Steakhouse

Just got home from lunch. We decided to give Okami Japanese Steakhouse another chance. It was a real improvement over our first visit. We were seated without any waiting and in a short time our waitress took our drink order. Don't know who made the tea but I am pretty sure they were not Southern. It wasn't bad just not up to Southern sweet tea standards. They could have also put a little more ice in the glass. My wife got mixed veggies and I got veggies and chicken tempura. My wife lunch was good but as she said nothing special. Mind on the other hand was fair. the veggies had very little taste but the chicken was as good as most chicken of this type around town.

One hint to the management, find somewhere else to keep you sweepers and brooms when not in use other then in sight of your customers.

All in all I would say they are about average for Wilmington. With a little more attention to the small things and add a little more seasoning to the veggies and soup they will be where they need to be to compete with the best.

For those that like and enjoy someone play with you food I will have to say those that I could see in the Hibachi section seemed to be having an excellent time.



Gloria's Italian Restaurant
Eastwood Shopping Center
Wrightsville Beach, NC

Gloria's is located in the old Taco Bell building at the corner of Wrightsville Avenue and Pavilion Place. They did a very good job of remodeling so you aren't reminded of being in the old fast food joint once inside. Even at lunch they have cloth napkin and table clothes.

Lunch cost me about $12.00 including tip and it was fantastic. I had the cheese ravioli. The service and food was great, the best Italian I've had since Luigi's on Market was open. This is not your New York style imitation Italian, it taste like the real think.

The dinner menu is price right along with the chain stores, but from talking to the customers that have eaten dinner there it is way better. I will be back soon to try  it again.



Camino Real
2307 N.College Road (Murrayville)
Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone 1-910-790-0494

We now have Mexican restaurant in the Wrightsboro / Murrayville/ Castle Hayne area of New Hanover County. With all the different Mexican restaurant we have in the county this is the first in this part of the county. They don't act like they are the only one though, they act like there are others all around competing for your business. The lunch prices are very reasonable and service is quick. The style of cooking is similar to El Cerro Grande, but different enough to make it worth the trip to give them a try. I have eaten there several times and have always been please with the dishes and service. Friendly, clean and just plain good. I'll be back and soon.