Mon-Thu: 11am to 9pm
Fri & Sat: 11am to 10pm
Sun: 11:30am to 8pm

351 South College Road
, NC 28403
910-338-2858 Restaurant
910-338-2858 Catering

MISSION BBQ opened its doors in Wilmington only a few weeks ago (7 April 2014) and is already one the number one spots to eat in the area.

The founders of MISSION BBQ, strive every day to remind everyone what makes our country great; its heroes.

They believe there is nothing more American than BBQ. And nobody more American than the brave men and women who have sworn to protect and serve our communities and our country. They do what they do for the love of our soldiers, firefighters, police officers, first responders.
With this in mind they use only the freshest foods. When I say fresh, I mean fresh. Everything is made fresh each day. You will never get left overs and it shows when you are served and eat your meal. It is going to be hard to find better BBQ anywhere and I do mean anywhere whether you get the turkey, chicken, pork or the brisket it is freshly prepared everyday. Each table is set with at least 7 different BBQ sauces. Service? You will not get better more polite service anywhere. 

At Mission BBQ, they are proudly serving those who serve. They run their business they way a business should be run, by putting the community and you the customer FIRST.

MISSION BBQ WEBSITE: http://mission-bbq.com


La Bella Airosa Mexican Restaurant

La Bella Airosa Mexican Restaurant
3500 North Kerr Avenue
Wilmington, NC

Open Tue - Sun
10:30 - 10:30
The La Bella Airosa Mexican Restaurant is the latest of many Mexican restaurants that have opened in the area. Located on North Kerr Avenue in the old Pearls Seafood House just a couple hundred feet from the N. Kerr and Castle Hayne Road intersection in Wrightsboro. It might not be the easiest place to find if you are new to the area but it will be worth the adventure looking for it. Even though they are just opening this week and are still trying to work the kinks out like all new restaurants have to do I would still rate them in the top 5 Mexican eateries in southeast North Carolina.

Today's meal consisted of Steak Faijtas and Chilles Rellenos.  The only complaint is the Cheese in the chiles could have been hotter. The Steak Faijtas were excellant, the meat had the best flavor and were as tender as anywhere that I have had Steak Faijtas. Desert was chocolate Flan. If you like flan and if you like chocolate this is the perfect blend. I am already looking forward to my next desert from La Bella Airosa. Service was the fantastic. All in all it was well worth the drive and will be adding it to my list of regulars.

Star News Article: http://foodies.blogs.starnewsonline.com/33592/la-bella-airosa-to-serve-authentic-mexican/ 


The Riverview Cafe

The Riverview Cafe
119 all Point Road
Sneads Ferry, NC 28460

The Riverview has been serving seafood since 1946 so they must be doing something right. Located on the New River a few miles from the rear gate to Camp Lejeune in Sneads Ferry. It might not be the easiest place to find if you are new to the area but it will be worth the adventure looking for it.

Today's meal consisted of fries oysters, shrimp, scollops, okra and of course hush puppies.  The only complaint is they did not drain the oil they were fried in well enough,but the taste was still excellent there was also the baked potato which was as good as you will find anywhere, but maybe on the small side. Desert was chocolate pie with meringue topping. All in all it was well worth the drive up from Wilmington.


The Harp

The Harp
3rd Street and Greenfield Street

Have had breakfast there several times and it is a little above average, but what I went for today was the Fish and Chips. It was a little pricy but it was as good as anywhere in Wilmington that I have tried. It comes with 3 fish figures about 5 inches long and a inch wide, the best TARTER SAUCE in town and maybe the state, cold slaw that some of our fish houses should try to copy, it is the best, and of course chips, for those that don't know that mean fries in this case. It was missing something and can't quit out my figure. Even with it missing something I will be back for more. The one real complaint that I have they use Heinz Malt Vinegar and for me it just doesn't have the kick a malt vinegar should have. Now my standard for fish and chips is Cedric's which was the only place in Wilmington to get fish and chips for years, sorry to say it closed years back.

Give them a try I think you may like them. It has the atmosphere of an Irish Pub but don't expect to hear  an Irish accent spoken there unless Ireland has moved up north. Don't let that scare you, the lass was as sweet and helpful as any Southern Bell.


Uncle Louie's Pizza Lounge

Uncle Louie's Pizza Lounge

3224 North College Road Suite F
Wilmington, NC

Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm
Friday & Saturday 11am-11pm
Sunday  - -               1pm- 9pm

Uncle Louie's is without a doubt the best Italian restaurant in southeast North Carolina.Now that is saying lot because there are a lot of so called Italian restaurant here, but neither the chain outfits nor the individually owned restaurants can even come close. If you think you like Italian then try Uncle Louie's then you will no you like Italian. On their worst day they are better than any of the rest on their best day.

If you don't want to sit in the lounge and yes it is a lounge (not a bar) their is the dinning room. Always a family atmosphere and don't be surprise to see Rocky the owner making sure everything is perfect.

Go to Uncle Louie's web page and read about Uncle Louie.

Give them a try, you will not be sorry.


Sid's Catering and BBQ

Sid's Catering and BBQ 
455 S Railroad Ave
Beulaville, NC 28518
(910) 298-3549

Come early on Saturday because if you wait until 1 or 2 in the afternoon you may just have to go hungry. They open early and serve until the BBQ runs out. The parking lot may be full but the service is fast and some of the BEST Eastern North Carolina BBQ I have tasted. I can say the same about their slaw. I have only eaten a few places that can match the slaw and less that can match the BBQ and absolutely no where that has the combination of the two.  
It is well hidden behind the house at 455 South Railroad Avenue, look hard and you will see the cars and BBQ house. As far as the railroad it isn't there.


Duke's Old South BBQ

Duke's Old South BBQ
318 Village Road
Leland, NC

Southeastern North Carolina has not had a BBQ house this good since the original Skinner and Daniels closed.

Serve yourself and eat until you are full. Believe me you will go back for a second plate and maybe even a third or forth plate.

The vegetables are just like grandma use to make. The fried chicken can't be beat. The green beans are perfect, only someone that knows nothing about Southern cooking could find anything wrong with them. Same with the BBQed chicken. You will have to try the hash for yourself, there is just no way I can describe it but I guarantee you will go back for another serving.

Now the BBQ pork it is just simply the best around. Southeast North Carolina has not seen BBQ pork this good since the original owners of Skinner and Daniels were in business. Really this taste  like the old time BBQ that was cooked in a building out back over oak coals all night. Just can't say enough about this eatery. It is going to be one of my regular stops.



1600 Haw Branch Road
Beulaville, N.C.  28518
Telephone: (910) 324-3422
Toll Free: 888-820-FARM

My wife and I went  this past Friday and loved it! Nice motorcycle ride, little over and hour. if you like you caned a goat and have a few private conversations with some chickens and the donkey.  Ride a tractor and take as many pictures around the farm as you like. You may go a little crazy in the fudge shop and come out with piping hot apple cider, fried apple pies, several different flavors of fudge and a few cream cheese puffs. At the cash register were several samples that  included apple butter, crackers, cream cheese and the best jalapeno jelly that i have ever tasted. After that we needed to take a break so we decided to eat lunch at the restaurant. We had fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, mac and cheese, fresh sweet corn, ham and biscuit and apple pie. Did I say this was all you can eat? Well it is and the waitress brings it to you so all you have to do is sit and eat. Taste? Sorry mama but it was as good as your's. I am already planning on visiting Mike's Farm again soon.