The Dewberry Deli, Cameron, NC

Located downstairs in The Old Hardware Building, The Dewberry Deli, originally the site of the Mule Auction Center during Cameron's heyday as " The Dewberry Capital of the World ", is now a re-creation of "the corner drugstore" using vintage architectural elements.

There is a full lunch menu to ponder, offering a variety of deli sandwiches, homemade soups, salads, and our famous Dewberry Cobbler. For a trip down Memory Lane, grab a stool at the fountain, order a chocolate malt, vanilla coke float, or a luscious banana split, and enjoy the charm and memorabilia of the “good old days.”

It is really hometown at it's best taking you back to the days of Mayberry and Lassie. Just kind of expect to see Barry or Andy to walkin while you are enjoying a nice quite lunch. You will not find a friendlier staff anywhere. We walked up as they were hanging to closed sign on the door. We were apologized to and invited in. We had our lunch and were on our way and never were made to feel that we had impposed on them at all. I will definatly be going back there to eat.

What were we doing there to start with? 11 antiuge shops in that smalllittle town. NC 27 is a road well worth your time to spend a day on.

485 Carthage Street (Hwy 24/27), Cameron, NC 28326 Email: jkfairbanks@embarqmail.com

Antiques: (910) 245-7001 Dewberry Deli: (910) 245-3697


American Legion Post 10

American Legion Post 10, 702 Pine Grove Drive, Wilmington, NC

OK it is a restaurant but they do serve the best fish plate that I have had since my mama cooked fresh fish straight out of Masonboro Sound when I was a teen. The fish is lightly breaded and fried til done, not over done. I got two large pieces that would embarrass any of our local seafood houses. Not crowded and quite, you could actually talk in a normal tone. My advise is get it in the to go plate because you will probably be taking part of it home. Price? $7.00 and $8.00 if you want deviled crab, includes tea or coffee.

The only draw back: It is only on the 1st Friday of the month 11am - 7 pm.

See you there next month. 10+


The Fishy Seafood Restaurant (OUT OF BUSINESS)

The Fishy Seafood Restaurant, 318 Village Road, Leland, NC
Seafood the way you like it. Prices are cheaper than most but the quality is surpasses most if not all in the area and the service is great. The best experience I have had in a seafood restaurant in a long time. None of that greasy oily seafood here, it is fried the way it should be, in hot oil and the oil is left in the cooker and not in the food. My favorite was the Clam Chowder and it is the kind your mama made, that is if you grew up here, no tomatoes in this chowder. There was plenty of food on the plate and all was excellent. We shared a small and had food left. The hush puppies are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be back!

Our overall Score: 10 out of 10

The best seafood house in the Wilmington area.