Shucker Oyster Bar and Grill

Shuckers Oyster Bar and Grill, 6828 Market Street, Wilmington, NC

Shuckers Oyster Bar and Grill is in the same location that once was The Naked Kingfish and is a definite improvement. The service is excellent and the staff go out of there way to make it a meal worth having. Prices are equal to other eaters of it's class and you get good portions. The oysters were a little dryer than I like and on the small side, BUT this is the off season and they are gulf coast oysters which tend to be smaller and less salty than the North Carolina variety.  We also had fish and chips which were better than I have had anywhere else in the Wilmington area and where cheaper than most.

Now what would I suggest to improve Shuckers? Keep the staff they have! The oysters steamed a little less. Bring them out covered in a hot damp cloth, helps hold the heat in.  For the locals make sure you have some home made hot pepper vinegar on hand and the best quality butter you can find to melt. Other than this keep everything the same. 

We will be back for another happy dinning experience.

Our overall Score: 8 out of 10

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