UNCLE VINNY'S at Carolina Beach

Uncle Vinny's is just what we needed at Carolina Beach, A really good Italian Restaurant. Yes there is Frank's and the pizza is the greatest there and there is Mama something or other (went twice and will not be back) and then there is Uncle Vinnie's the pasta is the very best in the area. One hint, if you don't like HOT, don't order the spicy sauce. It is good but it is HOT. The only complaint I have is the wait staff. I have been 5 times since it opened and have only had one waitress that knew what they were doing. The other 4 had to be the first day they had ever waited on a customer.

Will I go again? You bet I will even with the chance of getting a waiter that should be doing anything other than waiting tables.

You ask how about Freddie's at Kure Beach? They have a better wait staff but more crowded. Food maybe a half step behind or a toss up.

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