Okami Japanese Steakhouse

Okami Japanese Steakhouse
614 S. College Road
Wilmington, NC

My wife and I tried this place when it first opened. Stood in the waiting area to be seated for 10 minutes and no one offered to sit. With service like that I wrote them off. After reading this article from the Star News I am glad I did.

From The Wilmington Star News.
Published: Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 11:11 a.m.

At Okami, which opened in September, the former ice cream bar is a Tokyo-chic, gold and black spot for drinks and sushi. The modern space divides two hibachi dining rooms, where chefs perform to “oohs,” “aahs” and applause heard throughout the grand space.
Every now and then, patrons bang a big, brass gong to express joy over the chefs' skills rather than stop the program al la “The Gong Show” style.
Such enthusiasm is perhaps less frequent in the center dining area where al la carte offerings, including hibachi meals, are served.
Friendly and accommodating as servers are, they can't carry the show when soggy, shrimp-stuffed shumai arrive. Fried spring rolls' crispy exteriors fare slightly better but the mostly cabbage filling is sticky.
One evening, spicy cream-sauced shrimp slipped from their tempura coats as the seafood pieces were plucked with a fork from their odd container: a taco salad shell.

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  1. From Okami Japanese Steakhouse, To whom it may concern, I can't see how you could have waited for 10 minutes with not a soul asking you if you need to be seated. That could not have happened. All of our staff is always willing to help if someone doesn't look like they have been helped. If you went straight over to our bench, then they probably thought you were waiting on someone. As for the article in the Star news, that has been addressed and that critic is very biased to thom she gives good reviews to. Many of your guests were very critical to the star news for that article and it has not hurt us one bit. The critic is one voice and not a good one at that. It was one persons opinion. It's a shame you didn't ask for help and get to enjoy our wounderful food and show. I apoligize for that. I wish you would try us again if you are in town. The management at Okami Japanese Steakhouse.

    1. I stand by my comment, but in the near future will give Okami another try.

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  2. Just got home from lunch. We decided to give Okami Japanese Steakhouse another chance. It was a real improvement over our first visit. We were seated without any waiting and in a short time our waitress took our drink order. Don't know who made the tea but I am pretty sure they were not Southern. It wasn't bad just not up to Southern sweet tea standards. They could have also put a little more ice in the glass. My wife got mixed veggies and I got veggies and chicken tempura. My wife lunch was good but as she said nothing special. Mind on the other hand was fair. the veggies had very little taste but the chicken was as good as most chicken of this type around town.
    One hint to the management, find somewhere else to keep you sweepers and brooms when not in use other then in sight of your customers.

    I would suggest that the Star News try them again.