The Harp

The Harp
3rd Street and Greenfield Street

Have had breakfast there several times and it is a little above average, but what I went for today was the Fish and Chips. It was a little pricy but it was as good as anywhere in Wilmington that I have tried. It comes with 3 fish figures about 5 inches long and a inch wide, the best TARTER SAUCE in town and maybe the state, cold slaw that some of our fish houses should try to copy, it is the best, and of course chips, for those that don't know that mean fries in this case. It was missing something and can't quit out my figure. Even with it missing something I will be back for more. The one real complaint that I have they use Heinz Malt Vinegar and for me it just doesn't have the kick a malt vinegar should have. Now my standard for fish and chips is Cedric's which was the only place in Wilmington to get fish and chips for years, sorry to say it closed years back.

Give them a try I think you may like them. It has the atmosphere of an Irish Pub but don't expect to hear  an Irish accent spoken there unless Ireland has moved up north. Don't let that scare you, the lass was as sweet and helpful as any Southern Bell.

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