Jones Fish Camp

Jones Fish Camp on Market Street in Ogden, Wilmington, NC

Don't waste your time or money. The building is perfect, but it stops there. There is no oil shortage at Jones Fish Camp. Everything comes straight out of the fryer onto the plate with out draining. If that's not bad enough it is soaked in oil. My guess is the heat is to low in the fryer or maybe they are using a cheap grade of oil. Maybe both? Absolutely no taste other than the oil. The crab dip is mostly cream cheese and very little crab, not the worse crab dip I have ever eat but it is a close 2nd. The only plus was the waitress and she very good though over worked and apologetic for the food.
Would I go back? Not a chance, not even if you paid me. They just have to much to over come and Wilmington has to many places to get better seafood. It is an insult to the original Jones Seafood of Ogden!!

Our overall Score: 5.6 out of 10

I would not waste my time or money on Jones Fish Camp.


  1. The only thing that I would agree with the previous poster on was the service which was very good. There must have been a problem in the kitchen when they were there, because I have never had Calabash style seafood that was as devoid of grease as this. My wife and I both had fried seafood and were very impressed and will definitely return. overall score 9 out of 10

  2. Charles to be fair I will try them again. Maybe they were having a bad day, but to be fair I will try and get by there during the week when they aren't as busy. As far as Calabash Style, there hasn't been any real Calabash Style since the early 1970's. To be honest what was cooked around here at Aunt Jane's and The old Faircloth's was much better but even that is a lost art. Oh well that is another subject to talk about another time.

  3. This was the absolute worst seafood I've ever tasted...or let me say, "had" b/c it tasted awful. The fries were limp & undercooked, the seafood itself was greasy. It is HIGHLY over-rated! Don't be fooled by long lines, they just dont know any better yet. I'd NEVER go back!

  4. If you're going there for crab....it's obvious you don't know that this is not the place for restaurant prepared crab 'anything'. The crab meat itself ( from the Carolina coast ) can be delicious but the recipes are disasterous. Go to Maryland for dip, cakes, imperial, etc. or call my wife....she'll make you some that will make you cry tears of joy. As for the other items.....Jones is what it says...a calabash style seafood house...except it's better than most of those in S.C.
    it's fried seafood......enjoy it for what it is.

    1. to be fair to the rest., it does say "fish" camp, not "crab" camp

  5. This restaurant is and will be a great success! The fried items were not too greasy, but if you order fried food, you have to expect some! Crab legs were great. Service was good and our waitress was very friendly. Its a new place and you may wait a little. That's to be expected. I wish this place the best of luck.

  6. I along with my family ate there last Monday.My flounder had red meat all through it.Showed it to the so called manager and she couldn't explain it.She said the cook wanted to see it making a scene at the table.She then came back apologizing but still with no fish.I finally was able to get her to bring me ONE piece of fish w/o the red meat.I spoke with the owner on Wednesday and all he had to say was ,Hope you'll come back.LMAO.No apology,No I would like to make it right,No Nothing.I was visiting my family 4hrs away.I wouldn't share my money with their attitude if he was 4 seconds away..