Okami Japanese Steakhouse

Just got home from lunch. We decided to give Okami Japanese Steakhouse another chance. It was a real improvement over our first visit. We were seated without any waiting and in a short time our waitress took our drink order. Don't know who made the tea but I am pretty sure they were not Southern. It wasn't bad just not up to Southern sweet tea standards. They could have also put a little more ice in the glass. My wife got mixed veggies and I got veggies and chicken tempura. My wife lunch was good but as she said nothing special. Mind on the other hand was fair. the veggies had very little taste but the chicken was as good as most chicken of this type around town.

One hint to the management, find somewhere else to keep you sweepers and brooms when not in use other then in sight of your customers.

All in all I would say they are about average for Wilmington. With a little more attention to the small things and add a little more seasoning to the veggies and soup they will be where they need to be to compete with the best.

For those that like and enjoy someone play with you food I will have to say those that I could see in the Hibachi section seemed to be having an excellent time.

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