Ezzell's Breakfast House

Ezzell's Breakfast House
2115 Carolina Beach Rd
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 763-7179

Ezzell's has been around Wilmington for years and has built up a regular clientele. My visit the other morning gave me quite a surprise. The service was less than professional and food was average, mainly being made to feel that my business was really needed all that much. Up to this point I would have probably given them another try if I was hungry and in the area figuring maybe I caught them on a bad day. We all have those. Then the unforgivable happened. At the next table two ladies had eaten their Breakfast and were on maybe the 2nd cup of coffee when a waitress, not theirs, asked them to leave, telling them that is was close to time for the lunch crowd. Now the place was half empty at this point so there was no lack of tables. Talking to one of them outside I found out this was their first visit and would be their last. So add me and they lost 3 future customers that morning. This is the unforgivable.

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