Tengu Japanese Steak House

Tengu Japanese Steak House
5924 Carolina Beach Road
Wilmington, NC 28412

This is our second trip to this place. Our first visit was soon after it opened and the service and food was average. We have given it plenty of time to find what works and what doesn't. Sorry to say it is worse. Probably a 3rd of what is on the menu is no longer served. What is served really isn't that good. I got the chicken tempura and would have got better tasting food at the food court at the local mall at half the price. The chicken was dry and the batter was cooked just long enough that it wasn't doughy. The vegetables were average at best. Now the rice was gummy and tasted starchy. Will I go back? Probably not. If I am pay absolutely not. If you are paying maybe.

Almost for got most item are 15 to 20 dollars, but the portions are adequate.

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