Duke's Old South BBQ

Duke's Old South BBQ
318 Village Road
Leland, NC

Southeastern North Carolina has not had a BBQ house this good since the original Skinner and Daniels closed.

Serve yourself and eat until you are full. Believe me you will go back for a second plate and maybe even a third or forth plate.

The vegetables are just like grandma use to make. The fried chicken can't be beat. The green beans are perfect, only someone that knows nothing about Southern cooking could find anything wrong with them. Same with the BBQed chicken. You will have to try the hash for yourself, there is just no way I can describe it but I guarantee you will go back for another serving.

Now the BBQ pork it is just simply the best around. Southeast North Carolina has not seen BBQ pork this good since the original owners of Skinner and Daniels were in business. Really this taste  like the old time BBQ that was cooked in a building out back over oak coals all night. Just can't say enough about this eatery. It is going to be one of my regular stops.

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