Holland's Shelter / Burgaw, NC

Holland's Shelter / Burgaw, NC

Take NC53 east out of Burgaw about 6 miles. This ride will be well worth it. Holland's Shelter right beside the road overlooking Shelter Creek. This is your old style fish camp of yesteryear. Since the very beginning 30 years ago they have been a hit. They have some of the best food served in Southeastern North Carolina and if you like seafood it is well worth the drive up I-40 from Wilmington. Service is excellent along with the food. If you are going on Friday night get there early. People come from 70 to 100 miles on a regular basis for a night out of just plain GOOD food.

If you have been there before, you know what I am talking about and I will probably see you there again soon.You could not find a more beuitiful location than overlooking Shelter Creek while you sit back and relax while enjoying seafood, frog legs, or just a good ole hamburger. A wide ranging menu that everyone in the family can find something they like. Yes great family atmosphere.

Our overall Score: 8.7 out of 10

YES! I would HIGHLY recommend the Holland's Shelter on NC53 east of Burgaw, NC.

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