Portofino Italian Trattoria OUT OF BUSINESS

Portofino Italian Trattoria, 5552 Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington, NC
UP DATE: As of mid June 2009 they are closed
Wilmington has more than it's share of so called Italian eateries but sad to say most would be better off serving Chef Boyardee®. they think just because someone in their family heard Dean Martin sing they can now cook pasta. We do have a few good along with the many bad.

Now for a pleasant surprise There is one that actually is good. PORTOFINA! It isn't large but that makes it even better. They make there own sauce and they know what they are doing. Portions are large and tasty, the meat balls are the best around. Only real complaint is with my drink. Sorry I like Coke from a fountain or bottle. They get theirs from a can. The plus side is, it's always fresh.

Our overall Score: 8.6 out of 10
I can recommend the Portofino Italian Trattoria.

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