Las Olas Mexi-Q Grill

Las Olas Mexi-Q Grill
1127- A2 Military Cutoff Rd
Wilmington, NC 28405

Even Taco Bell is better. Bland or just no taste. Maybe I have been spoiled by real Mexican food. To call it Tex Mex is insulting to 2 countries. Service was fair. I will not waste my time going back to give this place second try. Really the food was just to bad for it to have been an off day. The black beans were horrible, tasted like they were using one of the old store brands. Chips were oily, but I will say the salsa was fair maybe even good. The chicken and BBQ had no taste, the cheese toast was good, now that I did like, but it would have been better if they had used real cheese and not a cheese food that way it would not have been as oily.

To be perfectly honest the food was better when I was in boot camp.

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