Szechuan Buffet
6932-b Market Street
Wilmington, NC

Szechuan Buffet has been here for years and has been run by the same family. Over the years it has had some bad press and mostly due to bad reporting and investigation by the local news. As many cases the past our local news seemed to report a story and then investigate it to find out if their facts are correct. In every case that I checked about Szechuan Buffet the reports were wrong. This said I would like to tell what I found during a recent visit.

During our last several visits the restaurant was found to be exceptionally clean and the best service I have found at any local buffet. The food was hot and plenty of choices to pick from. I personally think it is one of if not the best Oriental buffet in Southeast North Carolina. The menu includes the regulars at Oriental buffets, plus steak and fried blue crab. The sushi bar has a wide choice of sushi that should satisfy anyone that is looking for sushi. Good desert selection which include soft service ice cream. The salad bar almost always has watermelon, cantaloupe and fresh pineapple. To top it off you can get hot or real Southern sweet tea or the other standard beverages.

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